Vibratory/Tumble Deburring

Vibratory & Tumble Deburring Services in Minneapolis


Vibratory/tumble deburring is a mass finishing process that uses various media to achieve desired results.


A machine is utilized that provides vibratory action and causes media to be rubbed against the parts to be finished. The process removes sharp edges or burrs and smoothes surfaces of metal components using a vibratory bowl or vibratory tub. Vibratory action results from a spinning, counterweighted bearing assembly that transfers toroidal or oscillation energy to the mass of media, and components inside the process chamber. Many types of media can be used, depending on the required finish, such as ceramics, plastics or porcelains. If you need metal deburring services in Minneapolis, then Eaglemaster Inc. is your best solution.

Vibratory and Tumble Finishing is ideal for the following applications:
  • Removal of burrs
  • Creating radius edges for safe handling
  • Prepping parts for plating
  • Texturing parts for adhesion
  • Polishing parts for appearance
  • Surface cleaning and descaling
  • Deflashing
  • Breaking sharp edges
  • Providing edge radius on precision parts with tight tolerances
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