Mass Finishing

Mass Metal Finishing Services

Mass finishing is a term for high volume processing in various forms of vibratory equipment to achieve the desired finish at a relatively low cost per unit. These services are perfect when you have a large number of small to medium-sized components that need finishing.

What We Do

There are a variety of services offered under the mass finishing umbrella, such as vibratory/tumble deburring, burnishing, and high energy/centrifugal finishing. Each of these services can achieve different results depending on what your goal is. Vibratory/tumble deburring is great when you need to remove a burr, break edges, or clean parts. Burnishing can put a nice finish on your parts while knocking down sharp edges. High energy finishing can aggressively deburr parts, remove machine lines, or polish parts. The options are varied in order to get the results you want. This is just a sample of what can be achieved with Eaglemaster. Give us a call to learn more!

Materials Used

Mass finishing services rely on vibratory and high energy equipment that comes in several different formats. The size and shape of the machine used depends on the dimensions of the part being processed and the desired results. The work is done with a material called tumbling media, which comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials, which all serve a different purpose. The work is done through friction with media — as the media rubs against the surface of the parts, it creates the preferred finish. With more 30 years of experience, Eaglemaster knows how to help customers choose the right set up to get the mass metal finishing they want.

Mass finishing services are ideal for the following applications:

• Removal of burrs on all kinds of components and materials
• Creating radius edges for safe handling or dimensional purposes
• Prepping parts for plating
• Texturing parts for adhesion
• Polishing parts for appearance
• Surface cleaning and descaling
• Deflashing
• Burnishing parts for cosmetic value
• Applications requiring smooth surfaces

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