Metal Masking

Masking for Selective Metal Finishing in Minnesota

Sometimes specific surfaces or features must be protected during mechanical finishing — that’s where metal masking comes in!

Applications Where Metal Masking is Needed:

Take a look at a few examples of parts that may need protection during mechanical finishing:

  • Very tight geometry
  • Threaded holes
  • Bearing surfaces
  • Machined surfaces
  • Ground surfaces


The Solution

Eaglemaster offers selective metal finishing projects in Minnesota to protect intricate part surfaces from blasting, peening or other metal finishing processes. Our experienced team can engineer a method to protect your surfaces during processing through the use of plugs, caps, tapes, tooling, fixtures and other intuitive methods.

How to Get Started

Our certified team can help you determine if your parts need masking for selective metal finishing, and we can provide the high-volume work you need, when you need it. Get help from the experts who perform selective metal finishing projects every day, and feel confident your parts will perform to the ideal standards. Contact us today to get a quick quote and get started!
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