Recreational Equipment

Metal Finishing for Recreational Equipment

At Eaglemaster, we provide a wide variety of metal finishing for recreational equipment manufacturers in Minneapolis and surrounding areas. From bike frames to widgets for exercise equipment, no order is too tall or too small. We understand the importance of high quality, affordable services for your business. Whether you need flame slag removed from steel or a clutch cover for an ATV deburred, Eaglemaster can help.

Our team of experts is well equipped to provide metal finishing for recreational equipment manufacturers in Minneapolis with competitive prices and timing. We understand the importance of offering a variety of services to guarantee that no matter what kind of metal finishing services you need, we can provide them. Some of our specific projects include:

  • Flame slag removal from steel components to prepare for machining
  • Batch blasting allen wrenches for bike repair kits
  • Vibratory Deburring magnesium clutch covers for ATVs

For the quality workmanship and experience you can count on for all your metal finishing projects for recreational equipment, contact Eaglemaster today.

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