Hardware Manufacturers

Metal Finishing for Hardware Manufacturers in Minneapolis, MN

Our team of experts at Eaglemaster understands that the hardware industry requires a wide variety of services, typically in higher volumes. We offer hardware electropolishing services that keep quality and cost as a high priority. We know that every project in the hardware manufacturing industry is unique, and our customized services are guaranteed to meet your demands through low cost and high efficiency processes, regardless of project scope.

We offer a wide variety of metal finishing services for hardware manufacturers, but some of our most common projects are:

  • Shot peening for small steel gears
  • Blasting/vibratory cleaning for nuts, bolts and fasteners
  • Shot peening springs and fasteners to increase fatigue life

Whether you run a plating shop, a machine shop, or are a general hardware manufacturer, the processes we offer at Eaglemaster are tailored to your exact needs.

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