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Metal Finishing Services in Minneapolis, MN


Experience To Solve Your Problems

Eaglemaster has been the top provider of metal finishing services in Minneapolis for over 25 years. This experience allows us to help customers solve problems and overcome challenges. We know what it takes to do the job right. Let our expertise go to work for you to solve your problem.

Quality Dedication

Our dedication to quality means that you will get exactly what you need every time.  Eaglemaster engineers personalized metal finishing solutions in Minneapolis and we know that we can help.

Responsive To All Your Needs

We understand on time delivery is important to our customers and we know what it takes to meet those goals.

Reliability You Can Count On

Going with Eaglemaster means that you will be satisfied every time. Whether you need small or high volume work, we can develop a process to fit your metal finishing needs.


Established in 1988, we built our company on quality, experience, and dedication to customer satisfaction.  We provide efficient, high quality metal finishing services in Minneapolis including shot blasting, abrasive blasting, vibratory/tumble deburring, shot peening, mechanical polishing, centrifugal barrel finishing, and surface finish improvements. Eaglemaster serves multiple industries and we can process small quantities to large quantities depending on your needs.


Our time in metal finishing in Minneapolis has taught us a great deal and we will apply that knowledge and experience to your project. Our process solutions are second to none.


We have the experience, dedication and capabilities necessary to engineer solutions to meet our customers’ demands every time. Get in touch with us so that we can make your job easier!